Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Boca Raton

1 / 8

Living in Central Boca Raton I was very excited that Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza opened. I went there a lot the first week it opened, not as much the 2nd week, once the 3rd week and then totally forgot about it. I was heading to one of the coal fired places on the eastern side of town, but ran out of time and gave Anthony’s another try. It just wasn’t good. They say the pizza is “well done” but its not. The crust is floppy, the pie does not hold together well, and it is not enjoyable. It is more mushy than chewy. I don’t like the tiny little meatballs they serve, so I ordered pepperoni. There was a very nice amount of it, but it left the pizza too greasy. The best I can say about it was that cold out of the fridge as a leftover it had tasted decent. Maybe because it was firm, not floppy. The best thing about the place is it is nicely decorated and the service is good. It gets 2 of 8 slices which on my scale means I Wouldn’t go back.